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Window Certification

CCHRC’s certification program will build upon the framework for testing that is now industry standard (Program Flyer – Alaska Tough Windows). Good thermal and structural performance is fundamental, and these aspects are covered well by testing under the NFRC certification program and the North American Fenestration Standard. A window that is Alaska Tough should pass and score highly on such tests without qualification. Therefore CCHRC will require documentation of thermal performance and structural performance as a prerequisite for our certification program. Schedule A, Eligibility provides the criteria for achieving the Certified Alaska Tough label.

Why should I seek the Certified Alaska Tough label?

  1. Energy efficiency is the number one reason homeowners enter the window market and Certified Alaskan Tough windows meet one of the strictest energy efficiency standards in the U.S.  When asked why they might decide to buy new windows, doors, or skylights, 54 percent of respondents said “to increase the energy efficiency of their homes,” compared to 30% to replace old ones due to normal wear and tear and 28% for remodels.
  2. Energy efficiency and durability are the two most important factors in consumers window purchase decision, and the Certified Alaska Tough label will give consumers confidence that a window excels in both of them.  A market survey conducted by the National Fenestration Rating Council found that 97% of homeowners said that energy performance would be “important” or “very important” factors in their window purchase decision.  The next most important factor was durability, in which 92% of homeowners said it would be “important” or “very important.”
  3. The market for highly energy efficient windows is growing.  The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that the market penetration of R-5 windows increased more than 100% from 2009 to 2011.
  4. Independent certification matters to consumers.With all other factors being equal (price, quality, etc.) nearly 90 percent of homeowners said that they would  purchase a window that is certified by an independent energy performance rating agency over a window that is not certified.
  5. You’ve invested in making your windows tough– now let the world know about it.  A window with a performance grade of 45 has superior structural, water- and wind-resistance properties compared to most residential windows.  Yet outside the circle of industry professionals, few understand this difference in quality and durability.  The Certified Alaska Tough label communicates this durability and resistance to extreme weather with a simple message:  “Tough Enough for Alaska.  Tough Enough for Anywhere.”

How to Apply

Here is a flow chart that can guide you through the application process. The Program Requirements lays out the requirements for the program.

CAT flow chart

Application Documents

Schedule A, Eligibility

Program Requirements

Certified Alaska Tough Application